New baby

12 03 2017

Threepines Farm has some exciting news. We have a new baby.

Threepines Zoe was welcomed to our home a couple weeks ago and she has already found her way into our hearts. Plans are, in addition to enjoying her as a pet, to train her as a therapy dog.

She is such a sweetie. She is an English Labrador Retriever. We hope to breed her in a couple years. Look forward to a lot of posts about Zoe. She is going to keep us busy.


New kitchen

16 01 2017

I have been silent for some time and now I am proud to show the reason why.

My kitchen, which has been in a state of semi-demolished for two years (yes, years) is now completely done and ready to unveil.

We covered the floor with hickory hardwood and ordered new cabinets. I went with a grey for the cabinets and accents. We used our existing appliances.

The countertops are silver granite. We went with a stainless steel, industrial range hood.

My husband built these shelves from black iron pipe and some pieces of hickory.

He also built me a desk from the same materials. 

I love the way it turned out. More on some details of the room next post.

Oak leaf hydrangea arrangement

11 06 2016


Oak leaf hydrangea, hosta blooms, pink yarrow and wild onion heads.


Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Mom’s potato salad

4 06 2016

When I was growing up, my mother made amazing potato salad. My husband remembers eating it when we were dating and said it was the best he’d every had. After my mom became ill and no longer remembered how to make it, I attempted several times to copy it. My mother has since passed away and I think I have finally figured out how to create her dish.
I want to share it so that members of my family will know how to make it, but also, I think mom would want everyone else to enjoy it as well.


First I boiled cut up Yukon gold potatoes until soft, drained and cooled. I like my potato salad mashed, so I squashed the potatoes with a masher.


I added chopped red onion and boiled eggs.


For the dressing, I mixed yellow mustard, Miracle Whip, sweet relish and some sugar. I used to get aggravated with my mom when she wouldn’t give me exact amounts of ingredients. Guess what, I don’t know exact amounts, either. I mixed it up, tasted it and added more of something until I got the flavor I wanted. I folded in the dressing and chilled. My husband said it was very close to my mom’s. That was a compliment. Hopefully you will enjoy it too.

You’re such a fungi

9 08 2015

To say we have had a wet summer in Kentucky would be a gross understatement. We have had record-breaking rainfall, flooding, mudslides, etc. While some of my plants are not doing so well with the excessive amount of water, mushrooms, toadstools and lichens seem to be thriving.


My decking has sprouted these in its cracks.


Red mulch seems to be the favorite spot for these. They look like little acorn lids that are upside down.


A potted plant that I took to my office sprouted these one day. . .


and the next day, they looked like this.
And, in my 25+years gardening, I have never seen one of these:
No, it’s not a mushroom. It’s a saddleback caterpillar. It was on some lemon balm I was pulling up and it stung me. Cute little guy, even if he didn’t much like me.
Strange new living things. Just when you think you have encountered everything in your little corner of the world, you find out there is so much more to be discovered.
Keep looking.

My garden

2 08 2015

wpid-img_20150801_165903.jpgA friend recently suggested that I give a little tour around my place for my blog. Here goes:

wpid-img_20150801_170107.jpgMy husband brought home this cute little table he plundered from the side of the road before the garbage truck arrived. I think it still has some life left before the landfill.

wpid-img_20150801_165808.jpgI use this large rock and old door as a photography backdrop, but my ferns and houseplants like to pose there too.






Between the two bays of our garage is one of three large planters and another item picked from a salvage yard.





















wpid-img_20150801_200127.jpgTo make a water feature this year, I used a farm tub and a small water pump. The water lillies and cats seem to like it.









I found this neat jar with a solar powered light in the lid and decided to give it a moss basket to sit in.


















wpid-img_20150801_200317.jpgI found this idea on Pinterest. My husband drilled four holes in the tops of four landscaping timbers. He glued the posts of solar-powered landscaping lights into the holes.

Then I planted the posts in a large pot and filled it with dirt and some perennials. At night, it looks great and the lights can be removed in the winter and brought inside.

Around the farm

26 07 2015

A small tour around my farm to celebrate summer.


IMG_2695_6_7_tonemapped Canon Powershot, F/5, ISO 400, 1/405 sec.

The other day, my son found this guy behind the garage door. Always welcome. . .except in the tomato patch.

IMG_2704_5_6_tonemapped Canon Powershot, F/3.4, ISO 400, 1/1010 sec.

This HDR expresses how I feel about those who take time to read my blog 🙂

IMG_2713_4_5_fused Canon Powershot, F/3.4, ISO 400, 1/202 sec.

IMG_2716_7_8_tonemapped Canon Powershot, F/4, ISO 400, 1/50 sec.

Lastly, a couple of HDR shots of nature’s gifts.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

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